T-Bone Walker Blues Fest

Event Branding and Promotions

Shame on me for not knowing who T-Bone Walker was. When I was presented with the opportunity to design the artwork for the T-Bone Walker Blues Festival, I knew I’d have to learn quickly.

Aaron Thibeaux “T-Bone” Walker was a great American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter, and the festival in his memory needed new creative to coincide with its move to Longview, Texas. During the initial meetings with the festival committee members, I learned that T-Bone is part of both the Blues Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. So, failing to capture the essence of Mr. Walker was not an option.

This project would prove to be another one outside of my typical style, and it was for that reason that I was looking forward to working on it. Rock and Roll and the blues is all about breaking the rules—the rules of music, the rules of culture and the rules of acceptance. The music is characterized by soulfully played notes, stirring lyrics and gatherings of people unafraid to let go of their inhibitions and pour out their emotions. Considering these things, this was not the time for a nice, clean structured logo. Everything about the designs had to be as gritty as the clubs that featured T-Bone Walker’s music.

After studying a collection of T-Bone photos, listening to a few tracks and learning from his faithful followers, I was able to put together a creative collection that would be used for years to come.



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