The Shepstyle Media day is built to for the digital age and is a great way to promote or commemorate your team, school or class of students. Traditionally, photographers take photos and build packages around collections of prints. But truth be told, many of those prints collected dust and never found permanent places on walls or in frames. When everyone carries a phone, wallet-sized images are often waste of money.
At Shepstyle, we put the focus and value in the image, not the prints, and build our packages around the use of the digital image. But if you want prints, we’ve still got you covered. In the end, we hope to have designed our Media Day in a way that provides you and your group with photos that have more value in a digital age.  

After contacting us, we’ll schedule a kickoff consultation to discuss details. From there, we’ll create a custom package that fits your team, school or group’s needs. Please note that a non-refundable sitting fee will be charged which covers costs for travel and up to 3 group photos (For most groups, fee is approx. $250; Be sure to inquire about how this can be reduced or waived). Additional group photos may come at an additional charge. After the session, digital images of all group photos are free and available to download. Individuals’ photos may be purchased collectively by the school or team, or they can be watermarked for preview so that each member can purchase their own photos and order prints.

Shepstyle Creative will provide organizers (coaches, teachers, managers, etc.) with information and details about the photo session. These will include tips for a successful picture day and a link for participants to prepay online if they wish. Prepay forms can also be provided if necessary. Media day information will need to be delivered or communicated no later than 1 week prior to picture day. Online ordering will remain available after picture day, but pricing and products may vary from pre-pay. We accept cash, check and credit cards on the day of the photo session, and we also accept credit cards online. The earlier you contact us, the more creative and customizable your package can be. We can plan to make enhanced Shepstyle Edits available to individuals as an additional option. Be sure to ask about this detail.

Shepstyle Creative usually arrives at the selected photo location 1 hour prior to set up. A representative from your group will need to be available to direct our team to the set up location.

In most cases, we’ll begin by taking individual pictures first as participants arrive. When each person arrives, they can check in at the registration area where they will either:

a.) retrieve their completed form from Shepstyle if they have pre-ordered online.
b.) turn in a completed order from their packet
c.) fill out an order form at the table and pay using available payment methods. Please make sure that the spelling of your name is correct on your forms.

After registration and payment are complete, individuals will go to the photo station, give their forms to the photographer and have their picture taken. In most cases all individuals will have their picture taken even if they aren’t purchasing photos. In other cases, only those who have paid will take their photos. 

Photos are usually delivered to groups about 2-3 weeks after the last photo date. All images will be hosted on an online gallery. At that time, online ordering will also open and additional ordering options made available. All orders are final.

All individuals, INCLUDING non-paying participants will receive:

a.) free digitals of all group photos (1920px, 72ppi)
b.) access to the online image gallery

c.) a watermarked proof of their individual photo, available for ordering at any time.

(Online ordering within galleries remains available for about 2 months.)

Our aim is to build each of our Shepstyle Media day sessions around your specific needs or desires. We’ll structure our pricing around your unique type of photography. The baseline print package is built on the established price of the individual, digital portrait, and each additional package is priced according to the number of additional prints included.

Package Pricing

NOTE: The prices shown below are simply to show how session pricing is structured for print packages. Prices will vary based on the type of photos & other unique arrangements made between Shepstyle Creative and your organization’s representatives.  Packages A, B and C are reduced if no group/team photo is needed.

*Shepstyle Creative reserves and maintains full resolution images and printing rights. 

Package A


  • Large, Hi-Resolution Digital Individual with lifetime full print release

  • Digital of Team/Group

Package B


  • Digital Individual
  • Digital of Team/Group
  • 1 – 8×10 Team
  • 1 – 11×14 Individual
  • 4 – 8×10 Individuals
  • 4 – 5×7 Individuals
  • 1 – 8up Wallet

Package C


  • Digital Individual
  • Digital of Team/Group
  • 1 – 8×10 Team
  • 4 – 8×10 Individuals
  • 4 – 5×7 Individuals

Package D


  • Digital Individual
  • Digital of Team/Group
  • 2 – 8×10 Individuals
  • 2 – 5×7 Individuals

Package E


  • Digital Individual
  • Digital of Team/Group
  • 1 – 8×10 Individuals
  • 1 – 5×7 Individuals

Package F


  • Digital Individual
  • Digital of Team/Group

A La Carte Options

*A La Carte Options are only available as add-ons with pre-selected package. Choose quantities on print form or at checkout. When Online ordering opens, a wider variety of canvases and larger print types will be available to order.*

4×6; 5×7; 8 Wallets; 8×10; 11×14; 16×20; 20×30; 24×30; 24×36; 30×40; 16×24 Fine Art Canvas Gallery Wrap; 20×30 Fine Art Canvas Gallery Wrap; 30×40 Fine Art Canvas Gallery Wrap; Full Resolution Digital File with Print Release